(Photo by Annie Boedt) 

Southern European pre electric music


The Village Quartet takes you through melodies and rhythms stemming mainly from the traditions of Southern Europe, into which Nathan breathes new life using unusual combinations and original instruments. Nathan Daems goes on a quest for rare gems from Spain, France, Italy and the Balkans, all subtly arranged for this quartet. For example, a tune of the Spanish countryside, full of life and excitement, suddenly seems rougher when Nathan uses a tenor saxophone and a cello, or even a little slower in a darker Greek accompaniment. A classic French song by Brassens can be reborn in a melancholic Albanian atmosphere. But at the same time, a sweet Bulgarian gypsy tune on kaval (flute) and cello can become an ardent Iberian melody, thanks to the guitar and the unbridled pandeiro quadrado (Spanish percussion).

In the process of searching for the best traditional ingredients in the southern parts of Europe, original compositions flow naturally out of Nathan’s pen. Old European village music shows itself in new shapes and combinations of instruments, with the joyful spirit of an improvising jazz ensemble.


Nathan Daems: Tenor saxophone, Bulgarian kaval & ney

Annemie Osborne: Cello

Renaud Dardenne: Acoustic guitar

Robbe Kieckens: Pandero quadrado & other percussion