Psychedelic Ethio dub jazz





“Brilliant” – Gilles Peterson

“Ethio dub from space taking you all the way out with their bad ass album” – The Gaslamp Killer

Through Black Flower Nathan Daems has developed new systems to combine Ethiopian, Arabic and western scales, chords & harmonies. Inspired by how Balkan music invented intelligent bass lines and effective chord progressions on top of Turkish melodies, Nathan Daems created particular ways to connect Ethiopian music theory with both western and Arabic music theory. But the mind alone doesn’t do the trick, there has to be some body/earth involved in the execution of the art. 

Five albums and two EPs far, the band acquired national recognition by both music lovers and musicians/DJs/radio makers. 

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Nathan Daems: Alto & baritone sax, ney, kaval, washint, compositions

Jon Birdson: Cornet

Filip Vandebril: Electric bass

Simon Segers; Drums

Wouter Haest / Karel Cuelenaere: Keys


Pictures by Kjell Grispeert