Gipsy jazz and Balkan traditionals



I consider Tcha has one my best teachers, and one of the most talented and versatile musicians walking on the planet today. Vilmos is incredible as well in his own right. It’s a profound experience to play concerts with these Roma artists from the highest level.

This trio doesn’t record, so it exists exclusively live on stage because that’s where the real thing happens, especially when talking about old school jazz and about traditional gipsy music from the Balkans. The styles have always continued to live through live performances, in formal as much as in informal events. Tcha as well as Nathan & Vilmos (Hungary) speak both the jazz language as several balkan music styles.


Tcha Limberger: Guitar & voice

Nathan Daems: Tenor sax & Bulgarian kaval

Vilmos Csikos: Double bass

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Pictures by Annie Boedt