Afro Oriental sufi punk




This band emerged out of Nathan’s biggest childhood inspirations Rage Against The Machine: the power of the music as well as the theme of revolt by society’s underdogs. Echoes of Zoo’s incredible energy consists roughly out of melodies and improvisations reminding of the east as well as Brazilian and West African ritualistic voodoo rhythms. The band translates the voice of those who people usually fail to respect or even recognize inside of themselves: the voice of animals. This is a wild thing.

Nathan Daems: Tenor saxophone & effects, compositions

Bart Vervaeck: Electric guitar

Falk Schrauwen: Drums

Lieven Van Pée: Electric bass

band picture Bl&Wh kristina ianatchkova_resized

Picture 1 by Kristina Ianatchkova

Pictures 2 by Alex Vervaeck