Nathan Daems

Multi-instrumentalist & Composer

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Black Flower

Cerkno Slovenie


Black Flower is a Belgian band that plays a stunning mix of jazz and “Ethiopian groove” with occasional connections to other traditional genres, from Balkan rhythms to klezmer and maloya from the island of Réunion. A strong element in the dense interweaving of different genres is the dub techniques, which skilled musicians use to deepen the psychedelic and spiritual atmosphere of their music. The debut of Abyssinia Afterlife (2014) itself was met with a very good reception and ended (for the beginners very high) on the 13th place of the World Music Chart Europe. With each album the band gained more prestige and visibility – the esteemed BBC radio host and DJ Gilles Peterson described the band as “brilliant” – and was invited to high-profile Belgian and international events (Gent Jazz Festival, Belgian Jazz Meeting, Eurosonic, Womex).

According to Radio Študent (a review of the album Future Flora from 2019), the musicians “mixed the diverse influences so well that the resulting crossbreed sounds like a completely unique and organic sound substance.” Black Flower, whose members have collaborated in many alternative rock and jazz bands (De Beren Gieren, dEUS, Calexico, Think of One, Flat Earth Society etc.), will present this year’s album Magma, which brings sound somehow darker and more mysterious. It will be the premiere Slovenian concert.

Nathan Daems (saxophones, flutes)
Jon Birdsong (cornet)
Simon Segers (drums)
Filip Vandebril (el. bass)
Karel Cuelenaere (keyboards)

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